Monica Martin

Biodynamic Massage


Hi! I’m Monica Martin

I certified as a Biodynamic Massage therapist with London School of Biodynamic Psychotherapy. This certification marks a significant milestone in my journey towards becoming a fully qualified Biodynamic Body psychotherapist under UKCP (The UK Council for Psychotherapy) accreditation.

I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, and I’m a registered member of ABMT (Association of Biodynamic Massage Therapists).

My understanding of the importance of establishing a profound connection with the body grew significantly through my volunteer experience with pregnant refugee women in Greece and my subsequent role as a rehabilitation assistant for young individuals recovering from acquired brain injuries.

My Journey

My journey in this field has been profoundly shaped by my own experiences. I’ve learned that healing is a courageous journey, often filled with unexpected twists and turns.

Through my own challenges, I’ve gained valuable insights into resilience, self-discovery, and the transformative potential of re-establishing a sense of safety within the body.

My Goal

My therapeutic approach is rooted in empathy, respect, and a firm belief that each of us hold an innate capacity to uncover solutions and insights from within.

My role is to provide support and guidance as you explore your healing path towards independent wellbeing through embodiment.

A transformative Path

Our bodies are the vessels through which we engage with and make sense of the world, through which we navigate the complex tapestry of human existence. Trauma, stress, and emotional experiences can be stored in the body, impeding our capacity to effectively process and integrate our life experience.

By fostering a harmonious relationship between physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level, you can open the door to a more profound and holistic experience of pleasure and well-being. This journey isn’t just about healing; it’s about discovering the authentic, vibrant, and balanced self that has always resided within you.

I invite you to embark on a transformative journey – a journey that offers you the opportunity to explore and compassionately address the emotional and physical imprints that may be influencing the course of your life.

Deep relaxation, stress relief, emotional balance